Kazakhstan's best short films determined in Almaty

25 September, 2018, 09:33 319
Kazakhstan's best short films determined in Almaty

Baikonyr SFF's winners in 13 nominations were determined.


Almaty III Baikonyr Short Film Festival summarized its work in Almaty, INA Kazinform reports. 

The winners in 13 nominations have been selected. This year only 47 works have made the finals out of total 195 applications. 

Short films were assessed FIPRESCI and NETPAC member Gulbara Tolomushova, actress Aruzhan Dzhazilbekova, filmmaker and actress Bayan Alaguzova, director and screenwriter Adai Abeldinov, filmmaker and director Nurtas Adambay, director Baimurat Zhumanov, director Katerina Suvorova, and recording director Denis Konoplev. 

At the Festival, the following films were displayed: 'Konets sezona' (The End of the Season) by Zhannat Alshanova that was chosen for 'Cinefondation' competition programme of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, as well as 'July' by Darezhan Omirbayev which is over 30 years old. Additionally, the audience had the opportunity to watch Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan's short films. 

The winners are: 

Grand-Prix - 'Kosh bol, dosym' (Bye, my friend), Timur Serdalin;

'The Best Director' - 'Kosh bol, dosym' (Bye, my friend), Timur Serdalin;

'The Best Camera Operator' - 'Uzbek elegy', Bakhtiyar Islamov;

'The Best Screenwriter' - 'Kosh bol, dosym' (Bye, my friend), Dzhanibek Murtazin;

'The Best Actor' - 'Asan', Azat Zhumadil;

'The Best Actress' - 'Samal', Zhanelya Alikova;

'The Best Production Designer' - 'Orkesh', Ivan Ardashov; 

'The Best Sound' - 'Champion', Mariya Baluyiskaya, Yuliya Reiman, Seit Tasbulatov;

'The Best Animated Film' - 'Orkesh', Ivan Ardashov;

'The Best Documentary' - 'Kasapshynyn bir kuni' (The Butcher's One Day), Nursultan Nuskabekov; 

'The Best Experimental Film' - 'Ya lyublyu smotret, kak umirayut deti' (I love watching children die), Alibek Abdukhalik;

'The Special Prize of the Jury' - 'Kystyn sony' (The End of the Winter), Amir Amenov, 'Vybor 'Broadway' - 'Dikiye dni' (The choice of Broadway - Wild days), Samgar Rakhym. 

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