Kazakhstan's capital city willing to organize meeting of Astana process's heads of state

21 November, 2018, 18:06 448
Kazakhstan's capital city willing to organize meeting of Astana process's heads of state

The head of state held an official meeting with the diplomatic corps. 

Nursultan Nazarbayev in the meeting with the diplomatic corps in Akorda noted the necessity to take measures to settle the international conflicts, including these from the diplomatic crops in Kazakhstan, BNews.kz correspondent reports.  

"In my opinion, it is necessary to take joint measures to settle the ongoing conflicts, hotbeds in different corners of the planet. In this regard, Kazakhstan being the supporter of the Minsk process welcomed to resume talks on the Ukrainian crisis in the Normandy format in order to end this situation. Amy wars end with talks, and only dialogue can resolve any conflict," said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

The head of state also noted the necessity to continue resolving the Syrian conflict within the Geneva and Astana formats. 

"We support the continuation of the Astana format, where the Syrian government and opposition take part. The consent was given for the next round of the talks. We back the strengthening of the formation of the Syrian Constitutional Committee under the aegis of the UN. At the end of the next month, the holding of the 11th round of the talks is scheduled in Astana. If it is necessary, then we are ready to organize meeting of the heads of the states of the Astana process," said the President. 

It is of a great importance for Kazakhstan and the entire Central Asian region to settle the situation in Afghanistan. 

"We observe the processes taking place there. They are complex. Talks are carried out to bring the Taliban and the government to the negotiating table. We hope these efforts will be successful. Our country contributes to the social and economic formation of Afghanistan, as you must know," said the head of state.

Kazakhstan stands for multifaceted dialogue based on the common responsibility for collective action. 

"Only after the resumption of communication between the USA, Russia, China, and the EU, we can ensure peace in this planet, solve sanctions and trade wars. This principled approach should serve as a starting point to form a new world order and peaceful coexistence of states and nations. I suppose that the diplomatic corps, you represent in Kazakhstan, should also facilitate the formation of new channels of cooperation and trust in the name of all states and nations," said Nazarbayev. 

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