Kazakhstan's celebrities dedicate poems to Denis Ten

20 July, 2018, 12:12 447
Kazakhstan's celebrities dedicate poems to Denis Ten

 World shaking death of Denis Ten allows nobody staying indifferent. His fans loose to keep down.

Fans of figure skating and admirers of talented sportsman Denis Ten are stunned by the news of his murder in Almaty while trying to prevent theft. Social networks are filled with smiles with broken hearts and warm words in memory of the famous Kazakh. Popular domestic stars do not believe in a sudden loss and continue to express condolences to the family of the deceased, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

Kazakhstani singer Yerlan Kokeyev inscribed a poem to Denis.

There are no words and it is difficult to speak.

Like in the mirrors of the fate he went above

A piece of ice a frozen tear on the face.

We really sorry for this absurd death

He did not think, he did not know he would run into mess

He wanted to catch up, to solve the problem like a man

Your skates became an orphan without you

Forgive us all, that it happened so,

Your star grew dark at height of glory,

Like Viktor Tsoi, like Lennon and Talcov

Best boys have been assumed into the heaven (translated by BNews.kz)

Producer Bayan Alaguzova said she was mourning, noting that Ten lived a short but very bright life.

"The best is gone.  the God took him, perhaps that we finally understand what is really happening?.... Denis, I'm sorry! Please forgive us all! Because all this is with our tacit consent ... and there is no civil position in us, and we do not know from whom to ask and whom to punish? Every man for himself. I grieve, and I express my condolences to all my relatives. He lived such a short, and such a vivid life!” ALaguzova pointed out.

Gennady Golovkin also commented on the news of the death of Denis Tena.

"We cherish the memory of you Denis  ... RIP"  Gennady Golovkin wrote.

Editorial comments: RIP means Rest in Peace.