Kazakhstan's population exceeds 18.31 million

15 October, 2018, 10:56 1015
Kazakhstan's population exceeds 18.31 million

In Kazakhstan, the population has reached 18.31 million people with population urban totalling 57.6%.  


As at September 1 of 2018, the population of Kazakhstan has reached 18.312 million people exceeding the figure of the same period in 2017 by 1.3%, BNews.kz reports referring to the Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry. 

According to the data of the Statistics Committee, the country's urban population has made up 10 million 555.8 thousand people by September 2018 (57.6% of the total population), the rural population - 7 million 755.9 thousand people (42.4%). 

Meanwhile, in the period from January to August of 2018, the number of newcomers to Kazakhstan has declined by 22% and those who left the country has increased by 13.9% compared to the given period of the past year. 

"In the country, a migration exchange mainly occurs with the CIS states. The share of those who have come and left the CIS states has equalled to 77.9% and 90.8% respectively," they said in the Statistics Committee. 

The number of migrants within the country has increased by 12.1%. As for interregional movements, positive balance of migration can be observed in the following cities: Shymkent (43.1 thousand people), Almaty (24.3 thousand) and Astana (10.4 thousand people). 

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