Kazakhstan and Russia to launch new Soyuz -5

18 July, 2018, 09:09 624
Kazakhstan and Russia to launch new Soyuz -5

Roskosmos signed a contract to create a new two-stage carrier.

The contract for the development of a new Soyuz-5 carrier was signed by Roskosmos and the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia,” Acting First Deputy Head of Roskosmos Nikolay Sevastyanov reported, BNews.kz reports with reference to Sputnik Kazakhstan.

According to Sevastyanov, the first stage would be powered by an RD-171M. Soyuz -5 payload will reach 17 tons. According to the website, the project will spend 52 billion rubles. This amount is included in the contract on the site of state purchases.

The development of the carrier began two years ago.

initial launch pad would be at Baikonur Cosmodrome Site 45 in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh government would get ownership of one the Proton launch pads worth 314 million dollars. And then to take part in the Soyuz-5 launchers since its expected debut in 2022.