Kazakhstan asks European Parliament to facilitate rushing corrupted funds back

11 May, 2018, 12:53 527
Kazakhstan asks European Parliament to facilitate rushing corrupted funds back

Azat Peruashev proposes to create a joint working group to return funds of those who are corrupt hiding in Europe.

The leader of the democratic party Ak Zhol, Azat Peruashev, proposed to create a working group of the Majilis and European Parliament to rush offshore funds of Kazakhstan corrupted officials back. It was said during meeting with the European Parliament delegation as part of the XVth session of the Parliamentary Cooperation Committee “The Republic of Kazakhstan – the European Union,” BNews.kz reports.

Azat Peruashev mentioned that at the XIIIrd session of the Committee in September 25, 2015, he had already proposed the European Parliament delegation to create a joint commission to search and rush the funds of those are corrupted hiding in Europe back to Kazakhstan.

“At that time, we asked deputies of the European Parliament to facilitate in uncover and return the funds stolen from our people. We do not propose to duplicate the activity of law enforcement bodies. They aim criminal prosecutions. But, we can observe that their efforts to return stolen funds are minimal. Therefore, the return of stolen funds of those are corrupted back to Kazakhstan is becoming the main task of our cooperation with the European Parliament. If there are some legislative barriers, let’s jointly work on them,” said Peruashev.

He noted that the Europe had practices of returning corrupted funds to the country where it was stolen or hidden from taxes.

“We talk about investments, economic and social development, the reduction of a gap between those rich and poor ones. According to the date of the leadership of the National Bank, 100 billon dollars were moved out Kazakhstan, and following international experts – 140 billion dollars. How can we talk about investment, economy, fight against poverty,” said Peruashev.

The leader of Akzhol noted that two years had passed, but there was not respond to the initiative.

“Kazakhstan also has the right for the European Parliament’s support in this issue. Therefore, I once again propose to create a joint working group of the Parliaments of Kazakhstan and the European Union to rush funds of those are corrupted back and ask to include the proposal to the protocol of today’s meeting,” said Peruashev.


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