Kazakhstan changed tariff rates for parking at airports

24 July, 2018, 09:48 336
Kazakhstan changed tariff rates for parking at airports

Rates for parking at the landside area and at the covered parking complex do not have changed.

The information on changing the tariff rates for parking of vehicles is available at the official page of Almaty International Airport on Facebook, Bnews.kz reports.

Starting from July 3, 2018, at the territory of the International Airport of Almaty, at 1b Maylina Str.  tariffs for parking of vehicles have been changed. Tariffs for parking at the station area of  MAA JSC and in the covered parking complex have not changed, "the report said.

Thus the rates at the parking place are as follows:

Up to 15 minutes - without payment.

From 15 minutes to two hours - 200 tenge.

Up to 6 hours - 400 hours.

Up to 12 hours - 600 tenge.

Up to 24 hours - 800 tenge.

Over 24 hours, for subsequent full and incomplete days - 1 000 tenge.

The loss of the coupon is 1,500 tenge.

Besidses, new rates for parking vehicles in airport  were introduced in Astana as well. Since July 21, at Astana airport free of charge for 15 minutes can only be on the special line. In the common parking there is no free time at all, and every hour of the car's stay from the moment of entry to 10 hours will cost 100 tenge.


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