Kazakhstan citizens began to fly more often, despite growth of cost of air tickets - research

16 October, 2017, 12:29 408
Kazakhstan citizens began to fly more often, despite growth of cost of air tickets - research

The activity of passenger air transportation this year has sharply increased, despite substantial increase of the prices. In 9 months of the current year the Kazakhstan airlines transported about 5,6 million people - it is for 22%, or on 1 million people more, than has been transported for the same period of last year, ranking.kz reported.

Last year the domestic aviabranch experienced recession of consumer demand for the services, number of the passengers transported for January-September, 2016 was reduced by 1,3% in comparison with level the previous year.

Essential growth of a passenger turnover in air transport this year is formed against the background of the continuing rise in price of cost of such services for local consumers. Since the beginning of year on September tariffs for air flights in Kazakhstan have grown by 13,9%.

It should be noted that last year against the background of sharp depreciation of national currency tariffs for air flights have also significantly grown, and under the influence of this fact Kazakhstan citizens have limited themselves on trips in the air way. Flight cost for January-September, 2016 has risen in price for 11,8%. At the same time decrease in level of a passenger turnover last year hasn't affected income - opposite, the proceeds from transportations of passengers have increased by 33,9% and have made 173,3 billion tenges.

This year the factor of the price has considerably weakened the psychological effect for retail consumers, demand in the market increases, and airlines fix the corresponding increase in income.

Against the background of growth of activity of passenger transportations by air transport the corresponding revenues of the Kazakhstan airlines for January-September of the current year have developed in the sum of 216,9 billion tenges. It is 25,2% more than the revenue sum for transportation of passengers for the same period of last year.

Branch of civil air transportation, according to "The plan of the nation – 100 concrete steps", expect essential changes. In a package of measures:

Step 66: creation of the international aviation hub - construction of the new international airport on the international standards under Almaty.

Step 67: Opening of the new directions by national airline "Eyre Astana" vosnovny financial centers of the world (New York, Tokyo, Singapore).

Step 68: Increase in efficiency of state regulation of the sphere of air transportation for increase in appeal of aviatransit through Kazakhstan - activity of Committee of civil aviation will be focused on models of the British state agency of civil aviation of an iagentstvo of safety of aircraft of the EU.

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