Kazakhstan climber intends to broadcast his climbing Mount Everest

10 April, 2018, 10:24 1550
Kazakhstan climber intends to broadcast his climbing Mount Everest

Maksut Zhumayev intends to conquer Mount Everest on the occasion of Astana’s 20th anniversary. He climbed all highest mountains of the world without oxygen, Mount Everest in Asia, Mount Elbrus in Europe and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Kazakhstan climber Maksut Zhumayev intended to raise the flag of Astana and the flag of the 20th anniversary at the highest peak of Asia – Everest. Following the schedule, the expedition starts on April 10 and finishes on May 28.

“On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the capital, I performed solo climbing the peak of Manaslu in the Himalayas. In that year, I could climb the Himalayas giant and hoist the flag of the country and coat of arms of Astana… The period when we performed sport climbing to satisfy our ambitions is passed, at the moment this is not an adventure, regular climbing, but a sport task, and we work at the front line, not taking into account the weather… We together decided to coincide the climbing with the Capital’s Day, and to show it to the entire country and the world. I would like people to ask: Astana, where is it? What country is it? What kind of people live there? And me, being the person representing the country understand the whole responsibility,” said Maksut Zhumayev.

He noted that the climbing will not be simple, because there is no guarantee that the Mount will allow to climb. He also noted that the weather conditions and optical low temperatures have a great influence to the pace of climbing.

“There will be difficulties, but it depends on us to make maximum efforts… We have an international team – Kazakhstan, Russia and Switzerland. Oleg Polyakov from Russia, David from Switzerland, three of us and Nepal guides will assist us. The climbing will be on the pioneering route to Mount Everest from south. We will climb using the Himalayan style, a camp after a camp, and step-by-step acclimatization,” said Zhumbayev.

The climber noted that it is necessary to climb the mount till 12 pm, if the climbers are 5-10 meters from the mount, then they should descend, because a person could die when exceeding the target date.

“We should be attentive, and I have such experience of 20 years. At the peak, everything depends on flags and their number and time of climbing. All we need to arrive and reach the peak. My technical sponsor provided me with satellite communication… I do not know if someone has made Facebook broadcasting, but is will be a mega bomb. I think about it, but everything should be taken into account… Everything will be known once we have reached it,” said Zhumayev. 

It should be noted that in 2007, Zhumbayev climbed Mount Everest from north, and in this time, the climber intends to conquer Chomolungma of 8848 m height above sea level from south Nepal.

Head of the Culture and Sport Department of Astana Bolat Mazhagulov wished the climber success and safe returning back home.

“The program article of the head of state “The Course towards the Future: Modernization of Public Conscience” says that one of keys to increase competitiveness of Kazakhstan is the ability to live with an emphasis to the achievement of real goals, to education, healthy lifestyle and professional successes. All of these compile the example of the successful model of conduct in the modern society, and Maksut’s dedication is a good example not only for the young generation, but also for each Kazakhstan citizen,” said Mazhagulov.