Kazakhstan expands the types of exported products

05 October, 2017, 15:27 239
Kazakhstan expands the types of exported products

Kazakhstan expands the types of exported products. South Kazakhstan region exports vacuum test tubes, MDF plates, orthopedic products abroad.

Previously, the region exported food, textile and agricultural production. At present, South Kazakhstan region is planning to increase export volumes to Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Vacuum tubes manufactured in Shymkent will be exported to Europе, Kazakh TV reported.

This is the most unique enterprise in the post-Soviet space. The project was implemented in 2011 as part of the state program of industrial and innovative development. At present, the plant provides its products to many medical institutions of Kazakhstan.

"This is a unique opportunity. This is an increase in wages, creation of new jobs. We hired about 80 people to expand production and launch exports to Europe and Russia. We have conducted a research, laboratory tests and registration," Guliya Zhuzenova, DIRECTOR said.

New export oriented manufacturing facilities appeared in the region

"Export to Tajikistan is a new direction for slate manufacturers in Southern Kazakhstan because traditionally slate was exported from the plant in Semey. The situation has changed and we increased our shipments," Almas Abaideldinov, Head of Construction Materials Division.

State support helps to increase export potential, experts say. Businessmen are offered to take part in "Exporter-2020" program. There are other projects related to the support and promotion of exports in Kazakhstan.

"If it is an innovative enterprise, and we know that its products will be exported, Mayor’s Office should create favorable conditions for implementation of such projects. There are special economic zones where products are exempt from all taxes, the products are initially cheap and can be exported at a lower price," Hikmat Raimbekov, Head of South Kazakhstan Department of Industrial-Innovative Development said.

This year, South Kazakhstan region exported products worth almost $700 million. According to forecasts, the share of goods sold abroad will increase by 2020; in addition, they will increase the innovative component.


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