Kazakhstan fighters won three 'gold' medals at Asia MMM Championships

02 August, 2018, 17:05 437
Kazakhstan fighters won three 'gold' medals at Asia MMM Championships

In total, the national team of Kazakhtsan gained 9 various medals. 


According to the World MMA Association (WMMAA), the national team of Kazakhstan performed victorious at the Asia MMA Chaphionships on July 27-29 in Harbin, China, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

Kazakhstan fighters were represented in all ten weight calsses (8 men and 2 women) and won 9 medals out of 10 possible: 3 'gold' medals, 5 'silver' ones and 1 'bronze' medal. The strongest fighers from 10 states of Asia took part in the Championships. 

The champions are: Nurzhamal Sadykova (among women, 52kg); Aslan Oraz (70.3kg); Nurniyaz Koshbayev (+93kg). 'Silver' medals were gained by Akbobek Yergaliyeva (among women, 61kg); Talgat Zhumagaliyev (56.7kg);Dastan Amangeldy (61.2kg); Nurbek Kabdrakhmanov (65.8kg); Murad Abdurakhmanov (93kg). A 'bronze' medal was won by Duman Balmukhanov (84kg). 

"I think that it is a good result. Out of 10 fighters who left for China, 9 returned with medals. There could be more 'gold' medals, under various reasons, two fighters were not able to perform themselves best. In general, Kazakshtan once again demonstrated its highest place in amateur MMA. Over several years fighters from Kazakhstan demonstrate high results at Asia and World Championships," said Honored President of the National Federation of Mixed Martial Arts, Pankration and Grappling of Kazakhstan Aidar Makhmetov. 

In the team of Kazakhstan, Aslan Oraza should be marked who was one of the discoveries of the Competitions. In the final bout, the Kazakh figher won over the representative of China.  

"It is for certain I felt a little bit worried. Because the spectators supported him. But, I fighted to win in order to wave the flag of Kazakhstan up high, to live up to the expectations of Kazakhstanis," said Aslan Oraz. 

Now the MMA national team of Kazakhstan will train for the Asia Championships and World Championships among junior fighters under the IMMAF version (in September, Beijing, China) and for the Unified World Championships in Bahrain (in Novermber 2018) at which for the first time representatives of the two largest world federation of amateur MMA (WMMA and IMMAF) will face. It is noteworthy that ethnic Kazakh from Russia Damir Ismagulov, who holds M-1 belt in lightweight (70kg) and may move to UFC in the near future, assists to train members of Kazakhstan's team.   

"The final stage of trainings, the team will hold here, on the base of the Astana Fderation. We already have one of the brilliant fighters Kazakh from Russia Damir Ismagulov joining us. In the near future he will hold fights in UFC. I think that it is a great support for young fighters to fight with Damir, and the possibility to develop their skills, great motivation. In addition, it is expected that Kuat Khamitov, Zhalgas Zhumagulov will also join trainings," said Aidar Makhmetov.