Kazakhstan got access to GLONASS military signal

06 August, 2018, 09:22 426
Kazakhstan got access to GLONASS military signal

It is used for military purposes, including for targeting high-precision weapons.

Russia provided Kazakhstan with access to the high-precision signal of the GLONASS system, BNews.kz correspondent reports with reference to Izvestia.

 GLONASS signal is used for military goals including for the guidance of high-precision weapons.

Such access was provided only for India in 2010 and Algeria in 2018.  

US experts have previously recognized the superiority of GLONASS to GPS, saying that the Russian navigation satellite system is the only one in the world that can fully work on the entire surface of the globe.

Earlier it was reported that the ERA-GLONASS emergency response system is associated with its European analogue eCall to create a common safety space on the roads in Russia and Europe.

In March 2018, it became known about the development of a unified Russian-Chinese satellite navigation system by integrating the global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) of the two countries - GLONASS and BeiDou.