Kazakhstan imposes restrictions to import meat from Kyrgyzstan

12 October, 2018, 18:03 463
Kazakhstan imposes restrictions to import meat from Kyrgyzstan

Restrictions are imposed on Kyrgyzstan's five enterprises. 


The Republic of Kazakhstan imposes restrictions on imports of meat from Kyrgyzstan, BNews.kz reports referring to a press service of Kazakhstan's Agriculture Ministry. 

"In the background of the non-favourable situation on particularly dangerous animal diseases within Kyrgyzstan, the Kazakh Agriculture Minister imposes interim restrictions on meat imports to Kazakhstan from Kyrgyzstan," reads the report. 

Kyrgyzstan's 5 enterprises are restricted, having the right to export under the veterinary control and supervision over products exported to the Republic of Kazakhstan  ('Rikha' limited liability company, CJSC Kant Bread Factory, 'Barkad' limited liability company, 'Salikh Ltd' limited liability company, 'Adal-Azyk' limited liability company). 

It is also reported that following the visit inspection, from 2012, there are interim restrictions imposed on Kyrgyzstan's 4 enterprises.  

In its turn, earlier Kyrgyzstan introduced restrictions to import poultry and eggs from Almaty and North Kazakhstan region. They in the Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan commented that such actions were improper. 

Also, as a result of the outburst of avian influenza in Rostov Oblast in October 2018, the Veterinary Control Committee prolonged restrictions to import live birds and products from them, that failed thermal treatment, as well as feedstuffs for birds.