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Kazakhstan improved its anti-corruption indicators in international ratings

02 February, 18:02 432
Kazakhstan improved its anti-corruption indicators in international ratings

According to the indicators, our country took the 64th place among 113 states of the world.

Kazakhstan has improved its indicators of the fight against corruption in the international ratings. It was said by executive director of the public fund “Transparency Kazakhstan” Natalia Kovaleva, BNews.kz reports.

As reported by Natalia Kovaleva, the index of corruption perceptions Transparency International for 2017 will be published on February 21. And on the eve, on January 31, the report was published by one of the nine rating agencies assessing progress in the fight against corruption - the world justice project.

This independent non-profit organization made the 7th annual report of the rule of law index. The rating has traditionally included 113 countries. The state's score is set on a scale of 0 to 1, where one is accepted as the full guarantee of the rule of law, and zero is its absence.

“It should be noted that Kazakhstan during the last year conducts a modern anti-corruption policy aimed, firstly, at eliminating causes and conditions of the occurrence of corruption. The change of the emphasis from punitive to preventive measures received a positive appraisal of the international rating agencies,” the executive director of the fund said.

According to the World Justice Project, Kazakhstan scored 0,51 points and took 64th place among 113 countries, having risen 9 positions compared to the results of 2016 (73rd place).

One of the key factors in achieving such results is an improvement in the indicator "Absence of corruption" by 0,02 points (0,45) compared to 2016 (0,43).

"Similar positive changes were noted in the Annual rating of global competitiveness of the International Institute for Management Development, according to which in 2017 our country took 32nd place in the rating, thereby improving the indicator by 15 positions compared to 2016 (47th place)," said Kovaleva.

According to her, "Bribery and Corruption" is indicated as a separate indicator in this rating, according to which progress in Kazakhstan is 1,5 times (in 2017 – 4.26 points, in 2016 – 2,52).

“This is only the data of two rating agencies. How the initiatives of Kazakhstan in the field of countering corruption in general will affect the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, we learn in less than a month," Natalia Kovaleva said.

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