Kazakhstan intends to ban placing cigarettes on shop fronts

05 June, 2018, 18:28 373
Kazakhstan intends to ban placing cigarettes on shop fronts

In addition, the Ministry of Healthcare plans to reach the increase in excise taxes with the aim to decrease smoking in the country.

Kazakhstan has achieved a certain progress in combatting smoking over the last 10 years. It was said by Vice Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan Aleksey Tsoi at the inter-sectorial meeting on products harmful to health with the participation of the Deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, members of the Nur Otan party, heads of the structural units of government agencies of the Healthcare Ministry, Ministries, experts of the World Bank, representatives of NGOs of Kazakhstan and others, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

“We prepare measures to ban tobacco products in shops, ban to use a hookah in public places and introduction of a 100% territory without smoke,” said Aleksey Tsoi.

Also, the leader of the Anti-Tobacco Coalition Dzhamilya Sadykova told about the possible ban to place tobacco products on shelves.

“Tobacco products are closed with a special curtain. Nowadays, one can see cigarettes above the cashier. They are closed with a curtain to avoid the message that tobacco products are available. The list can be read on the paper. There is a 8% reduction, and it is huge steps. We have a 8% reduction over 4 years. In December we plan to submit the amendments to the Ministry of Healthcare. Excise taxes are submitted every year to the Tax Code, they are being considered. Another question is how they will perceive it,” she said.

Following the data of the World Health Organization, about 80% of early death occur because of the four mostly spread risk factors – the use of tobacco and alcohol, unhealthy food and low physical activity. As part of the implementation of the Action Plan on managing the public health for 2018-2021, the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan considers the measures that are aimed at reduction of influence of behavior risk factors on the population’s health, Aleksey Tsoi noted.  

The Vice Minister added that Kazakhstan introduced a ban to advertise tobacco products. Public places, including hospitals, work places, schools, public transport are by 100% free from smoke, the tax on tobacco products is 40% of the retail price, those people who want to give up smoking, free services at anti-tobacco centres are provided.


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