Kazakhstan intends to increase farms by 5 times over 10 years

24 April, 2018, 12:02 263
Kazakhstan intends to increase farms by 5 times over 10 years

Such targets are laid in the program to develop beef husbandry for 2018-2027.

First Vice Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arman Yevniyev told about the program to develop beef husbandry for 2018-2027 at the session of the government, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

“We observe the high potential to develop beef husbandry and sheep breeding. Our main advantages are vast pasturelands, irritated land, and the century-long practice in livestock. As of today, all necessary resources to develop the sector is sufficient. We have the area of pasturelands of 180 million hectares. Kazakhstan ranks the 5th in the total area of pasturelands. We have a sufficient area of pasturelands to double livestock. Pasturelands are provided with surface waters and groundwaters. Over the last five years, 6 million hectares of pasturelands were irrigated,” said Arman Yevniyev.

He also noted that there are water resources to irrigate two million hectares of land.

“50% of the population live in the rural area. That means that the majority of rural residents will be provided with workplaces as part of the program to develop beef husbandry. The implementation of the program will allow to create a new class of farmers and to ensure the increase of the number of farms from 20 thousand to 100 thousand within the program, to provide from 100 thousand to 500 thousand of the population with workplaces, to increase livestock from 7 million to 15 million, to increase the production of beef and lamb from 600 thousand tons to 1.6 million tons, to increase the export earnings to up to 2.4 billion dollars, to increase the labour efficiency of a worker from 1 thousand dollars to up to 8 thousand dollars,” said Yevniyev.

The First Vice Minister noted that the farm will be the main model of production within the program.

“The farms will gather to deal with the issues on marketing, education, animal health. The main requirement to implement the program is to improve the type of the livestock by genetics of bloodstock, at the same time it is supposed to pay attention to feed yards of the irritated lands,” said Arman Yevniyev.