Kazakhstan is concerned about a situation with muslims in Myanmar

04 September, 2017, 14:47 1034
Kazakhstan is concerned about a situation with muslims in Myanmar

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Kayrat Abdrakhmanov  commented on a situation in Myanmar, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

"Our country as the member of the UNSC has actively taken part and has made a speech at private consultations which have taken place on August 30. Together with other member countries of UNSC we have called the authorities of Myanmar for active cooperation with the international structures, first of all with the UN, with OIC (The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) and other partners whose efforts are directed to settlement of a situation in Myanmar. We express serious concern about position of the Muslim community in Myanmar," Kayrat Abdrakhmanov told journalists on the sidelines of a joint meeting of chambers of parliament.

In this situation the head of department has noted importance of intervention of contact group of OIC.

"We observe a negative tendency of Islamophobia in Myanmar and in this regard it is very important for us that such structures as, for example, the contact group of OIC on a situation in Myanmar has been actively involved in process of settlement of a situation too and was in dialogue with the authorities of this country," the minister  added.

We will remind, thousands of people became victims of violence in this country in recent years. The situation has sharply become aggravated on August 25 when hundreds of fighters of the movement "Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army" have committed assaults on 30 strong points of police. As it was reported earlier, the number of the victims of collisions between Buddhists and Muslims in the west of Myanmar in a week has exceeded 400 people, more than 18 thousand have left the country.

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