Kazakhstan launched drone aircrafts’ production

20 July, 2018, 18:56 326
Kazakhstan launched drone aircrafts’ production

The only enterprise for the production of robotic unmanned aerial vehicles is based in Shymkent.

The experts carried out a full spectrum of manufacturing starting the development of the design on the computer till the moment of their launch, BNews.kz correspondent reported referring to Capital.

The plant was built by Roboavia company. The drones of this company are used in agriculture, oil industry, in the performance of geodetic work and monitoring of facilities, also when inspecting power lines and in many other areas.

"To date, we have established cooperation with land management companies, forensic experts, landscape designers and are always open to developing new directions," general director of Roboavia LLP Nikolay Pazhitnev explained.

In his words, the key advantage of the drone aircraft is an opportunity to view large areas in real time and the ability to auto-patrol. With the use of such aircraft in one day, you can perform aerial photography of more than eight thousand hectares at a flight altitude of 1.5 thousand meters. In addition, aerial photography from drones is obtained in many times more qualitative than all existing methods of taking photographs from the height.

Deputy Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Turkestan region Daniyar Darmen noted such unmanned aircraft is very effective for our farmers.

"Analysis of aerial photography can point out gaps in crops, foci of crop damage and weeds, can help assess the effectiveness of fertilizers used," he assured.

In addition, with the help of drones, you can monitor forest fires, watch animals from the sky and patrol.