Kazakhstan made whitelist of tour operators

19 July, 2018, 14:16 326
Kazakhstan made whitelist of tour operators

The whitelist includes 56 representative of tourism industry in the country.

Turistik Kamkor Corporate Fund listed all reliable tour operators in Kazakhstan, BNews.kz correspondent informed.

The Company urges tourists to check before departure hotel reservation, roundtrip ticket’s payment, and touristic code as well.

Tourist code consists of 11-13 (depending on the country of departure) alphanumeric characters. It is assigned automatically for each tour. This code is unique for every tourist. In case of an emergency, the tourist contacts the fund reports the number of his tourist code and waits for emergency assistance within 24 hours. The touristic code can be issued both on a separate sheet, and be inscribed in the ticket

Turistik Kamkor assured all Kazakhstani tour agencies are to issue touristic code for every person while buying a voucher if he is a member of the fund. This service is free, it is paid by a travel company, in the amount of 0.5 MCI. Otherwise, the activity of a travel agency is considered illegal and does not ensure your complete security during your holiday abroad.

Thanks to the tourist code, in any situation, the company guarantees return to the homeland by the nearest flight.

For all the time more than 460 thousand Kazakhstanis have received tourist codes.

To look through the whitelist of tour operators go to the Turistik Kamkor Corporate Fund official website.