Kazakhstan may introduce fully implanted artificial heart

01 August, 2018, 18:15 286
Kazakhstan may introduce fully implanted artificial heart

According to the expert, it will take place in the near five years. 

As of today, the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Centre in Astana is the only in Kazakhstan that provides the opportunity to implant an artificial heart to patients. According to the Chairman of the Centre, Yuryi Pya, in the near future in Kazakhstan the trasplantation process of artificial hearts without additional external devices will be available, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

"In order to get permission, it is necessary to hold a certain  number of tests on animals, to get the result, the commission considers all this and opts for the clinic, what country will be the first to take part in it," said Yuryi Pya. 

Following to his forecasts, Kazakhstani patients will receive an opportunity to get a fully implanted artificial heart in the near 5 years. 

As of today, the battery of the artificial organ is charged by the use of a special device. The implanted device will be inside the body of the person, and it will be charges with the use of a special contour.  
"The magnetic field reachs it at the distance, another contour around the body is set, the induction coil transmits electomagnetic waves to the opposite contour, where energy is generated, thus the battery is charged," said the head of the Board. 

To the question whether such waves are harmful to the human body, he responds that as of today the studies are conducted on animals.  

"We held several surgeries on sheep, and these sheep have been living for over 2 years now with such a heart. We are involved in the project, and our citizens will get an opportunity to have such a heart, once everything is successfully completed. That is my task that I have set for myself. I should accomplish it and then retire," said Yuryi Pya.