Kazakhstan may return traumatic gun license

23 July, 2018, 15:10 317
Kazakhstan may return traumatic gun license

Such an offer was proposed by a member of public council of Almaty.

A member of the Public Council of Almaty, Sergey Ponomaryov believes that in Kazakhstan it is necessary to return the right to carry traumatic weapons for the safety of the population, BNews.kz reports.

Besides, Sergey Ponomaryov noted current Department of Internal Affairs is closed for people and the time is ripe for opening the doors, providing a response for the population.

My colleagues, BBC mass media of the whole world told about the accident with Denis Ten. People gave their tickets back. It is a sort of blow to the country’s image. The situation is very hard. I want to say that I respect the profession of a policeman, I know her, this is a very difficult profession. I do not doubt for a minute that detained suspects are those who committed crimes, because in this case the reputation at stake. But in other cases, we know that there are fakes. We do not believe the police, we believe that we can solve the problem on the spot, that the crime will not be investigated. I categorically support the idea of arming people. If the police do not protect us, let's return the traumas. Not rifled weapons, not revolvers, but at least traumatized. And, of course, we need a powerful reform, "  Sergei Ponomaryov said.

In Almaty, public hearings were held with the Almaty Department of the Interior after the tragic death of Olympic prize-winner Denis Ten. Members of the public council put forward their proposals for amending the legislation, including offering to raise the salaries of policemen, to review the Criminal Code.

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