Kazakhstan needs digital twin – experts

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25 May, 2018, 18:16 287
Kazakhstan needs digital twin – experts

It will allow to increase the productivity of the enterprises in several times.

President of the Kazakhstan Institute of Project Management Vladimir Zatolokin proposed to introduce a digital twin into the industry at the VIIth International Scientific and Practical Conference “Industrial Policy of Kazakhstan: Increasing Competitiveness of Enterprises by Increasing Labour Productivity,” BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

“What is the meaning of a digital twin?” It is the thing that we can produce in the enterprise in an ideal state. For instance, the Almaty Fan Plant manufactures for 46 employees 35 million tenge products per each, and if a digital twin is introduced, then the productivity will increase in several times,” he said.

Following the world statistics, the expert said that if the business does not manufacture products for 80 thousand dollars per 1 person, then the business does not start. Because 20% of incomes is spent for wages and the transition to digitalization will allow to avoid the costs.

However, director general of National Productivity Centre Ltd (Saint Petersburg, Russia) Sergey Smirnov believes that the issue should be balanced.

“It is more preferable to observe new forms of education, and at the same time, it is necessary to approach the issue in terms of an analysis of the development of labour skills. Once one puts on a VR mask, the workers wonders, waves his hands, and the question: can you teach the pupil to write? Work on the loom, providing services to clients. Until the person does something by himself, I think that there should be harmony,” he said.

At the same time, co-founder and head of the group of companies Brit Soslan Salamov proposes to engage the youth in the process of increasing the labour productivity be gadgets.

"The average user of the smartphone turns to its device 150 times a day. The task of the employer is to make sure that out of these 150 times 50 addresses to some courses, the online system, to some more opportunity that he has provided to his employee so that he can learn anywhere and anytime, using their smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on," he said.

According to him, the transition to the education through mobile platforms is the best approaches to cover the personnel with the education.

"More and more young people are getting a job and we need to attract them somehow and, accordingly, modern technologies are one of the ways that they are interested in that they come to work for the company. Today, more and more of those who were born on the they are now 18 years old, and they will soon enter the corporate structure in 5-10 years, so we need to take this into account now," he said.

The expert noted that it was also possible to use game technologies both as a new method of motivation and the modern education method.