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Kazakhstan plans to excise e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco

21 May, 17:13 402
Kazakhstan plans to excise e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco

Earlier the European scientists informed that regulatory actions on a decrease of the nicotine concentrations in the e-cigarettes which were adopted in the European Union can lead to the negative effects and moreover to greater harm to health. The research suggests that vapers who used a liquid with a lower content of nicotine, much more and longer make puffs and use more liquid.

During the meeting of the Board on Economy and Financial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission with business community Chairman of Committee for the Protection of Public Health of Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin initiated introducing the excises duties on e-cigarettes and neat-not-burn tobacco, BNews.kz correspondent informed.

“Smoking tobacco excised by duties and the electronic cigarettes in the form of pure nicotine at 'zero rate.' At a time when we are struggling with cardiovascular diseases, we see how the use of smoking tobacco is falling, but at the same time, it is growing rapidly use of harmful tobacco products, such as heating tobacco and electronic cigarettes, etc. Therefore, we will raise the issue of introducing excise tax on these harmful tobacco products," the speaker said.

According to Bekshin, Russia has already introduced excise duties for such products.

" I sure heat-not-burn tobacco and vapes -it is safety illusion. These products contain nicotine in a pure form.  And then we spend budget funds for treatment activities! All people underwent shunt procedures know for a fact what it is. They are future disabled people.  They undergo rehabilitation, after which they receive disability. In parallel, I want to say about snuses (tobacco sucking packets) - this is an analogue of our naswar, a more European version. These three products must be discussed - they are at zero rate," he stressed.

In turn, the Minister for Economic and Financial Policy of the EEC Timur Zhaksylykov replied that all these issues are under the jurisdiction of state bodies and do not fall under the decision of the commission. Damir Nurgaliyev, the head of the excise administration department of the KGD, assured that from 2020 in Kazakhstan excises on this type of products will be introduced.

During the meeting, it was noted that from 2020 the price for heat-not-burn tobacco will reach 7 345 tenge per kilogram and 5 tenge per milliliter of liquid for electronic cigarettes.


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