Kazakhstan plans to train volunteers to provide first aid

19 October, 2018, 16:11 356
Kazakhstan plans to train volunteers to provide first aid

The measure is necessary to assist ambulance officers. 


Kazakhstan plans to train all interested citizens to first medical aid. It was said by Timur Muratov, the head doctor at public utility with the right of commercial activities 'The city's station of emergency medical services' during a briefing in the city's hospital No.9, BNews.kz correspondent reports.  

As of today, the country faces regular unwarranted applications by citizens for emergency medical assistance. According to Timur Muratov, the head capital city's station of emergency medical service faces a 'wild' demand for emergency medical aid.   

"We receive 2.5 thousand calls a day, of which 1500 are served. (...) The remaining calls are not served. The dispatcher clarifies, with often questions about pills, there are cases when we redirect calls to other polyclinics, other call-centres, even to pharmacies' addresses. Out of these 1500 people, maximum 400 people are transported to hospitals to provide aid, often 350. Of these 400 people, 250 are put in hospitals, 150 are sent back home. It turns out that about 1000 people call an ambulance to get minimum medical aid a day, including to watch blood pressure, to prescribe pills, sometimes to give the advice to the person with the high temperature so he can properly act during SARS and influenza, or overcome fever," he said.  

In order to learn the experience of the developed countries, in this year Kazakhstan's doctors have had an opportunity to visit Israel and the USA. It was revealed that in Israel 2200 ambulance staff work for 8 million people, and voluneers perform the remaining work. 

"In the country, each citizen in honoured to save a person. I think this forms over time within the society, and will reach it. (...) Everyone can learn to provide first medical aid. In the near future, we will work out how it will be better to implement it, the work will be done by the ambulance," said Muratov. 

According to him, in Israel each child after finishing the 10th form should attend the Basic Live Support (BLS) school, where they are learnt to save lives during two months, New York has the same system. 

Doctor at public utility with the right of commercial activities 'The Republican Centre of Sanitary Aviation' under the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan Nurzhan Otarbayev underlined that the traning to such skills was not an easy task, which can be performed by specially trained instructors. 

"As part of the special programe of the Healthcare Ministry, we have already trained more than 30 instructors. Now they work in the regions training the staff of emergency medical services, polyclinics, hospita;s. During the period between the training, we conduct regular traninging to those who are intesretsed. But, as of today, training cover only medical organizations because of resources, wich non-medical and those who want next," said Otarbayev. 

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