Kazakhstan plans to use artificial intelligence for control of state services

17 April, 2018, 16:06 412
Kazakhstan plans to use artificial intelligence for control of state services

In addition, it is planned to launch a virtual consultant Chat-bot.

Chairman of the Board of State Corporation Ablaikhan Ospanov told on the intention to continue the use of tools aimed at increasing customer focus and maximum translation of services into electronic format at the meeting of the Government, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

To monitor the provision of public services by the State Corporation, it is planned to introduce artificial intelligence and a virtual consultant Chat-bot within the development of the Situation Centre.

"At the same time, the "Government for Citizens" will accumulate large amounts of date Big Data within the framework of public service delivery processes, through processing and analysis of which, issues of further improvement of public services and their provision processes will be considered," said Ospanov.

It is also planned to create an advanced mobile platform with electronic wallet functions, an intelligent assistant, the ability to conclude B2B contracts (smart contracts) and use biometrics.

Thus, "Government for citizens" in 2018 provides for:

launch of a service to register a child in the community by a proactive way (via SMS);

introduction of a proactive principle in the field of social protection of the population through the Ministry of Justice;

opening of Digital PSCs in each regional center throughout the country;

opening of two more migration PSCs.

All this will significantly improve the accessibility and quality of services rendered to the population, as well as reduce the barriers of corruption and bureaucratic nature.