Kazakhstan ranks 28th in Doing Business rankings

01 November, 2018, 10:12 404
Kazakhstan ranks 28th in Doing Business rankings

Kazakhstan has climbed 8 positions up compared to last year in ease of doing business among 190 states. 

Kazakhstan ranks 28th in the World Bank's Doing Business rankings and leads in terms of protecting minority investors, BNews.kz reports.  

The rankings were compiled by measuring cumulative indications in 10 thematic groups, each of them consisting of several indicators and equally affects the country's overall ranking. 

According to the document, following 'Business registration' Kazakhstan ranks 36th (41st in 2017), 'Obtaining a construction permit' - 35th (52ns in 2017), 'Access to electricity' - 76th (70th in 2017), 'Property registration' - 18th (17th in 2017).   

Following the 'Access to credit' indication, the country ranks 60th (77th), 'Protecting smaller investors' - 1st, 'Taxation' - 56th (50th), 'International trade' - 102ns (123rd), 'Contract enforcement' - 4th (6th) and 'Resolving insolvency' - 37th (39th).

The top-3 includes New Zealand, Singapore and Denmark. Russia ranks 31st, Belarus - 37th, Kyrgyzstan - 70th, Uzbekistan - 76th. 

Note that as of November 1 2017, Kazakhstan took the 36th place from 190 states.