Kazakhstan ranks 44th in ranking of safest countries

30 January, 2019, 11:23 1330
Kazakhstan ranks 44th in ranking of safest countries

The Global Finance magazine made a list of the safest countries of the world. 

Factors as war and peace, personal security, and economic development rate, natural disaster risk were equally weighed, the Global Finance magazine reports.

According to the ranking, Kazakhstan was placed 44th.

Russia was put in 108th place due to the high rate of crime and threats to peace in the country as well as because of the decline in economic growth.

Самой безопасной страной, по версии издания, стала Исландия, второе место заняла Швейцария, на третьем – Финляндия.

The top tens also include Portugal, Austria, Norway, Qatar, Singapore, Denmark, and New Zealand.

The United States due to its high crime level and higher due to a higher risk of natural disaster. According to the ranking, the least safe countries in the world are Guatemala, El Salvador, and Bangladesh.

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