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Kazakhstan schoolgirl became a karate champion in the USA

12 March, 2018, 12:43 439
Kazakhstan schoolgirl became a karate champion in the USA

The Kazakhstan schoolgirl wins in the prestigious competitions in the USA and makes attempts to participate in Olympic Games.  

Young Kazakhstan athlete Etel Tumysh became a karate champion in the USA. Within a year, the 14-year schoolgirl from Almaty won 30 medals and 10 cups in the prestigious tournaments in the USA, BNews.kz reports with reference to 24 Khabar. The girl started to do shito ryu style karate from the age of 8 in Almaty. Now, she lives in the USA with her parents and do karate in Kai Leung’s Shotojuku in the New York area of Queens that is among the top-10 best schools in the US. According to Etel Tumysh, she started to do karate after an unpleasant incident in the school.

“When I was in the first form, the boy used to offend me. I remember, his name is Miras. And when I told him something and wanted him to apologize before me for his behavior, he attacked and kicked me. And I could not do anything. I cried and felt sad. Then, I came to my mother with tears on the face and told that Miras had offended me, he had kicked me. Then my mother told me that I should study to defend myself. She took me to karate lessons. And now, after several years I want to thank the boy. I could not reach such a level if he did behave such way,” said the young champion.

The main achievement of Etel was the victory in South Carolina in the USA championship in the competitions with Okinawan kobudō. She obtained the title of the vice champion of the USA in Kumite and the third place in Kate, and a bronze medal in a fight with shadow style in the championship of the United State in Pittsburg. In 2016, Etel Tumysh became an ultimate champion of the Open Championship in Philadelphia. Among these prizes, there are medals in the championship of the League of traditional Shotokan in the state of New York and the National Tournament of Okinawan karate.

Etel is trained by famous karate champion, holder of the most prestigious 10th dan, master and instructor of the highest category (shihan) Kai Leung. He arrived to the US in 1970 from Hong Gong and by the beginning of 80s he joined the top-10 world karate fighters. His apprentice and nephew Ken Leung is a famous actor who in 1998 performed in Rush Hour and in 2015 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Another apprentice, who studied karate in the school, is a well-known Brazilian American actor Davi Santos. Master Kai has trained many champions of the USA and winners of prestigious international competitions.

“Etel came here to study mixed martial arts. She likes karate. She trained hard and became a champion of the USA. I am proud of here. Kazakhstan has good karate fighters. Etel will continue to do karate in Kazakhstan,” says Kai Leung.

In turn, the young champion notes that over a year she managed to reach a brown belt, and her dream is to take part in Olympic Games in the National Team of Kazakhstan.  

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