Kazakhstan schools to have the textbook on common Turkic history

11 October, 2017, 11:31 3010
Kazakhstan schools to have the textbook on common Turkic history

The initiative of Kazakhstan of profound studying of Turkic history has to be taken up by other Turkic-speaking countries. The director of the Center of history of the Caucasus, the senior research associate of Institute of the right and human rights of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the associate professor of UNESCO Rizvan Guseynov told in a conversation with BNews.kz  own correspondent in Baku. The historian has also reminded that at a meeting of the commission of the International Turkic Academy the total version of the textbook on the general Turkic history is approved.

In the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO, Turkic World Educational and Scientific Cooperation Organization) which is based in Astana at a meeting of the commission of experts the total version of the textbook on the general Turkic history is approved, the Turkish mass media have reported the other day. The grant is intended for pupils of the 8th class, it covers the period from the most ancient times to the 15th century and consists of 7 sections.

On the general Turkic history experts of TWESCO work on creation of the textbook not the first year. It is written in the Turkish, Kazakh and Russian languages with assistance of other founder countries of Turkic academy, that is members of Turkic council (Cooperation Council of the Turkic-speaking states, CCTS) - Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. Originally the textbook is planned to be entered into the program in "Nazarbayev intellectual schools".

Further the International Turkic Academy plans to publish similar textbooks on common Turkic geography and all-Turkic literature. 

"In Kazakhstan, significant projects on studying of Turkic history are implemented in recent years, and these steps can only be welcomed. We need extremely uniform historical consciousness. In program article of Nursultan Nazarbayev "A prospection: modernization of public consciousness" the directions of development of researches, both stories of Kazakhstan, and neighboring countries are sounded and also the purposes which the Kazakh people have to reach, including, create the sacral map of Kazakhstan, investigate kypchak heritage not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the Caucasus, in the Crimea, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, in the territory of Russia are shown. It is the grandiose project and, most likely, the published textbook is his component," the expert noted.

According to him, the most remarkable in is that business passes from studying to writing of methodical grants that is very important. Unfortunately, generally scientific, academic research and remains at the academic level, and general public, ordinary people, especially children, pupils aren't aware of new trends, new researches of Turkic history.

"It would be interesting to examine experience of the Kazakhstan colleagues, to learn on what principles and concepts the subject of this textbook is constructed, and in the long term we as the Center of history of the Caucasus, we would be glad to be connected to these projects. Because we cooperate and we carry out various projects with the ministries, the state organizations of Azerbaijan, both in the sphere of historical researches, and on writing of methodical grants and scientific articles too," R. Guseynov told.

In general, experience of Kazakhstan in this direction should be adapted and extended among other Turkic countries, the Azerbaijani historian considers.

"Azerbaijan is one of the closest states for Kazakhstan which practically always supports any initiatives of the Kazakhstan side, and in this plan the synergy, joint researches, promotion of this sort of textbooks of methodics and researches of Turkic history which are carried out in common by Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan will do only good Turkic researches, writing of books," he emphasized.

The expert has added that Azerbaijan was some kind of connecting bridge between all people of the Turkic world at all times. National liberation movement of the Turkic people and also other ideological projects were, as a rule, formed in Azerbaijan, then extended to Central Asia, Dagestan, the Crimea, to the territory of Turkey, Iraq, the Southern Azerbaijan.

"It has historically developed that, being put into words one French writer of the 19th century, Azerbaijan is the ridge of the Turkic world. Considering it, we can not only carry out various historical projects together with Kazakhstan, but also to popularize them in other Turkic countries, to bring these projects to international venues, education conferences. It is very important to create a peculiar bridge including with Turkey which is one of leaders states of the Turkic world too and where big projects on studying of our general heritage are at the moment carried out. Nevertheless, and in Turkey the problems in this sphere, are observed especially in recent years. I think, the experience of Kazakhstan broadcast or adapted through Azerbaijan can do good, of course, and the Turkish side," the interlocutor of the agency summed up.

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