Kazakhstan sees a 31.5% increase in investment in housing construction

15 October, 2018, 10:14 458
Kazakhstan sees a 31.5% increase in investment in housing construction

The average cost for the construction of 1 sq. in apartment buildings made up 128.2 thousand tenges, and in homes built by individual developers - 79.6 thousand tenges. 


In Kazakhstan, the volume of construction works and services in the period between January and September 2018 has reached 2516.7 billion tenges, 
a 4.4% increase compared to same period in 2017, INA Kazinform informs referring to the Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan. 

During the reporting period, the most volume of works was done in constructing highways, streets, roads, railways, bridges and tunnels - 688.4 billion tenges, industrial buildings - 368 billion tenges, engineering structures - 363.9 billion tenges, residential buildings - 277.2 billion tenges and buildings for the mining and manufacturing sectors - 179.8 billion tenges. The volume of building and construction works has increased by 3.2% and equals to 2101.8 billion tenges compared to January-September of the past year. 

In turn, the volume of major repairs construction work has observed a 13 per cent increase, and maintenance - 1 19.5% increase. The construction of 31 846 new buildings, including 29 753 residential and 2093 non-residential, has been completed in the period between January and September. In particular, 58 general education schools, 66 pre-school organizations, 2 hospitals and 21 outpatient clinics. 

In January-September 2018, 818.9 billion tenges have been channelled to the construction of housing, which is by 31.5% more than in the previous year. Delivery, as a percentage of the total investment in capital assets, in housing construction was on average 10.9%. 

The main financing source of housing construction is developers' private funds, the share of which is 80.8%. In January-September this year, the total area of the houses commissioned has been 8841.6 thousand sq.m., of which 4619.7 thousand sq.m. - by individual developers. The index of the factual volume of housing brought into use has made up 111.6% by the same period of 2017. 

In the reporting period, the average factual expenses for the constriction of 1 sq.m. of housing in apartment buildings has made 128.2 thousand tenges and in homes built by individual developers - 79.6 thousand tenges.