Kazakhstan signed Memorandum in mediation development

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07 August, 2018, 16:38 199
Kazakhstan signed Memorandum in mediation development

An agreement on joint activity was signed between the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan. 


The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to join forces to promote their public ideas, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

The event was attended by Deputy Chairman - Head of the Secretariat of the APK Leonid Prokopenko, Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan Askar Shakirov, as well as members of the APK and representatives of the National Centre for Human Rights.  

"Today, we have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan in the field of mediation development in our country. This event is held today on the anniversary of the adoption of the Law on Mediation that was adopted in 2011. Our Memorandum is aimed at further development of the Institute of Mediation in our country, in provision of human rights, public accord and national unity," said Deputy Chairman of the Secretariat of the APK Leonid Prokopenko. 

According to him, on August 3 the APK held Day of Mediation around the state in all Houses of Friendship. In all, 829 offices of mediation were covered. In the event Councils of Public Concord, Councils of Mothers, representatives of the General Prosecotor's Office, agencies of internal affairs and justice took part.

"This institute is significant, because it ensures the conflicr-free development of our public, and provides the possibility for the conflicting parties to come to single agreement, compromise.Therefore, we believe that the developemnt of the Instritute of Mediation has a great future in our state, because mediation has a number of possitive aspects. Firstly, there are no those who lost or suffered, secondly, citizens save their funds, because there is no need to hire lawyers, to conduct expertise and so on. Also, the institute of mediation forms unity, and in these terms it fully lies in the line with the Rukhani zhangyru programme," he said. 

Credit: Baq.kz

It should be noted that the Memorandum provides for cooperation of the parties in the implementation of the tasks aimed at strngthening of public accord and national unity, to protect human rights, to attract the youth to conduct the events of patriotic nature, interethnic and intercultural dialogue, to organize the events aimed at forming a feeling of civil unity, as well as other issues in the sphere of public concord. 

"The head of state in his programmic documents said that the basis of all achievements of Kazakhstan, including social and economic, were civil peace and national concord. The Constitution of Kazakhstan fixed the right of citizens of Kazakhstan, and the violation of these rights according to the law provides for bringing to criminal responsibility. On the international legal plane, there are mecahnisms to protect these rights. 

In 1998, Kazakhstan joint to the international convention against all types of discrimination. In 2008 Kazakhstan accepted the competence of the UN Committee in racial discrimination. In addition to the legal mechanisms, it is also important to note the role of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, that is headed by the head of our state. And now by the signing this Memorandum we strengthen interaction of our protection institutions," said Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan Askar Shakirov.