Kazakhstan strengthens measures for protection of the Caspian Sea

20 November, 2017, 12:33 341
Kazakhstan strengthens measures for protection of the Caspian Sea

Work is carried out for prevention of emergency situations. 

Daily, tens of vessels of other Caspian states come into the Kazakhstan ports. Intensity of operation of vessels in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea, volumes of the transported oil and fuel cause potential risk of pollution of water. For prevention of state of emergency, work on expansion of the standard and legal base concerning protection of the marine environment is begun by Committee of transport, BNews.kz reported.

According to Committee of transport, within execution of goals, it is planned to ratify the International convention on civil liability for damage from pollution by bunker fuel of 2001 (further – the Convention) and the Protocol of 1992 on change of the International convention on civil liability for damage from pollution by oil of 1969 (further – the Protocol).

"Now the legislation has provided shipowner's liability for damage only from pollution by the oil transported as freight. However bunker fuel poses not a smaller threat. Ratification of the Convention will allow to establish shipowner's liability in case of pollution of the sea by such fuel. Besides, the requirement for obligatory insurance of risk upon pollution and compensation mechanism for the persons which have suffered damage as a result of a spill of bunker fuel will be established. Now participants of the Convention are 75 countries," was noted in committee.

Ratification of the mentioned Protocol will allow to staticize the shipowner's liability mode for damage from pollution by oil when transporting by tankers. The similar mode works in 133 states. Also increase in the amount of insurance of shipowner's liability from 20 to 126 million dollars is supposed; the amount of compensations for damage oil will be differentiated from pollution depending on vessel displacement; scope of civil liability will be expanded to an exclusive economic zone.

In parallel with ratification of these documents by Committee work on amending the national legislation concerning transport questions is carried out. In particular, competence MIR RK regarding the approval of Rules on prevention of pollution from vessels is provided in the law of Kazakhstan "On Trade Navigation".

It should be noted that in 2017 measures of protection of vessels and port infrastructure from terrorist threats have been strengthened. So, requirements about need of regular evaluating protection of ports are established. Besides, in each port and on each vessel from now on it is necessary to have the special plan for rapid response in case of the attack.

Now in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea (KSCS) under the flag of Kazakhstan more than 300 vessels float. 12 vessels are involved in international transport, others support operations at development of oil fields.

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