Kazakhstan takes 35th place in the Doing Business rating

31 August, 2017, 14:58 260
Kazakhstan takes 35th place in the Doing Business rating

Kazakhstan has taken the 35th place in the rating of the World Bank of Doing Business, having improved the indicators on 16 points in comparison with last year, minister of national economy Timur Suleymenov said during the press conference "Cardinal improvement and expansion of a business environment" on the platform of the press center of the government, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

"According to the index of global competitiveness regarding the Complication of Administrative Regulation indicator we have also improved the positions on 8 places to the 38th. Throughout this work the big legislative package of amendments to various acts, several codes, several tens of laws are prepared. Now this work is conducted," the minister of national economy told.

As the minister has noted, now in execution of the order of the Head of state this work is conducted in territories by maintaining rating of regions and cities on ease of business. 

"We have studied the best experiment by regional techniques which was available in all states and have defined 5 factors which are most strongly subject to influence of local executive bodies – regulatory climate, availability of finance to business, the human capital, infrastructure for business, transparency of the made decisions," Timur Suleymenov noted.

According to him, during the preparation of rating more than 8 thousand respondents will be interviewed, and assessment will be is carried out at two levels: regional city. 

"Work will be carried out both at the regional level, and on city. That is we weren't limited only to the regional centers and also have decided to go down on the level of the cities. 55 cities will also be captured by this rating. Besides rating, offers of the local business environment which during work will appear will also be considered," minister commented.

Thus, during preparation of rating problem aspects in business development will be defined and also recommendations which, according to business, will allow to improve a condition of the business environment in regions and the cities are reflected. 

"We plan to publish the first rating this year for days of industrialization. Now work is conducted on respondents - on areas and the cities. Therefore previously in December of this year we learn what of regions of our state offers the best terms for business," Timur Suleymenov emphasized.


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