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Kazakhstan to apply 105 EXPO 2017 technologies

22 September, 2017, 17:31 416
Kazakhstan to apply 105 EXPO 2017 technologies

The expert working group of 40 leading experts of the national companies of Kazakhstan having visited all pavilions of the EXPO 2017 exhibition, have created the list from 105 technologies of such countries as: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Finland and etc. for the purpose of further introduction and application in the territory of Kazakhstan, the vice-Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Magzum Mirzagaliyev said during the press conference on the Government platform, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

"We have created the expert working group of more than 40 leading experts of the national companies, such as KazMunaiGas, Kaztransgaz, KEGOC and others and also experts-analysts in different sectors of power, representatives of the ministries and subordinated structures. This working group has visited all pavilions of the exposition, has carried out assessment of the new technologies presented by the international pavilions. As a result of this assessment experts have created the list from 105 technologies of such countries as: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Finland and others," he said.

At the moment 42 technologies from these 105 are in detailed study at 9 domestic companies, 2 universities are engaged in 14 technologies and 2 mayor offices are engaged in 12 projects.

"It is necessary to understand what from selection of technologies before their introduction can pass certain time and also it will demand allocation of necessary resources. At the same time, the positive effect can be considerable and with economic, with ecological and with social the points of view," he continued.

According to the specifics of the technologies are divided in four directions:

- oil and gas – 27 technologies,

- the coal and atomic industry – 5 technologies,

- power industry, energy saving and RES – 44 technologies,

- ecology, including waste management, water purification, control over quality of air – 29 technologies.

The vice-minister has provided several projects which have attracted great interest of experts and which can give positive effect for power industry of Kazakhstan.

"The German technology "Smart greed" helps electrical power system to lower losses by power transmission by long distances - for the Kazakhstan electrical power system it very relevant, taking into account architecture of our networks and long distances," he told.

Also in the German pavilion the technology of a geothermal renewable source has been presented. With its help it is possible to use heat from soil and underground waters for obtaining thermal and electric energy. By the international estimates in Kazakhstan there is a considerable potential by this type of renewable power which can be used for households, farms, industrial facilities and settlements.

The Belarusian energy saving Turbosfera technology, allows to utilize the excessive pressure of natural gas, receiving at the same time electric energy for own needs. This technology can be applied at the enterprises of the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan.

The Finnish technology for sewage treatment allowing to increase quality of water or to use as fertilizers in the course of processing. The Kazakhstan enterprises housing and public utilities, the regional enterprises study a possibility of use of this technology at the enterprises now.

The Polish technology "Blue Coal" allows to lower by 80% indicators on emissions of harmful substances, at the same time increasing efficiency from combustion of coal.

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