Kazakhstan to bid for 2023 World Petroleum Congress

15 November, 2018, 13:14 565
Kazakhstan to bid for 2023 World Petroleum Congress

The initiative was unanimously backed during the 23rd session of the Council of legal entities association KAZENERGY Kazakhstan Association of oil-gas energy sector organizations. 


This year has been favorable for Kazakhstan's energy sector, the world prices for raw materials have enabled to review plans towards the expansion of the activity of energy companies. Such an address was delivered by Chairman of the Presidium of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the KAZENRGY Association Timur Kulibayev. A press service of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan has informed, BNews.kz reports.  

"This year, we have modernized refineries, thus resolving the problem of supplies to the internal market. The plants produce the necessary fuel with surpluses. And it is necessary to note that due to the modernization prices for oil products are lower in Kazakhstan compared to Russian and other neighboring states," said Timur Kulikbayev. 

The KAZENERGY Association with the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs designed a concept of a new Environmental Code. The main advantage was the adoption of the Code on Subsoil and Soil Use, a new Standardization Act, as well as the launch of a mechanism of works regarding renewable energy. 

"The legislation that directly affects the development of the economic sector will form an attractable investment climate in the country," said Kulibayev. 

Credit: NCE Atameken

According to KAZENERGY Director Asset Magauov, in 2017 the Association worked hard on the nine key directions, including taxation and tariffs, subsoil use, turnover of oil products and liquefied petroleum gas, electricity, environment and so on.

As for plans for the forthcoming year, he noted a joint effort to prepare a commentary to a new Code on Subsoil, the amendments to the legislation on the market of lubricants (implementation of market mechanisms), the work on a national energy report in 2019. 

Credit: NCE Atameken

Timur Kulibayev added that Kazakhstan sith support of the government and the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan held a meeting of the World Petroleum Council with the participation of over 800 delegates from 51 states in the passing year

"All delegates have underlined the high level of preparations, and noted that Astana can rightly claim to hold the World Petroleum Congress scheduled for 2023," said the speaker. 

If Kazakhstan wins the right to hold the Congress, it will take place with the EXPO. Speaking of the advantages of submitting a bid, the Association's Executive Director Talgat Karashev said that Astana has a developed network of communications and infrastructure, comfortable logistics, the presence of the existing pavilions and accommodation places. Most importantly, the country has the experience of holding large-scale international events. 

Credit: NCE Atameken

The Association's members unanimously voted for submitting a bid. 

During the session, a report on the budget of the KAZENERGY Association for 2019 was heard, as well as the initiative to establish a Single Centre of Knowledge and Competences for the oil and gas sector, and a study of the existing practices of the Environmental Act in the OECD states.  

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