Kazakhstan to create unified website of government agencies

21 September, 2018, 09:35 336
Kazakhstan to create unified website of government agencies

Thus, large amounts of budgetary funds have been saved, according to Dauren Abayev. 


Next year Kazakhstan plans to launch a unified website of civil servants. It was said by Kazakh Miniter of Information and Communication Dauren Abayev, Bnews.kz reports with reference to INA Kazinform

"The Ministry works to launch a unified website of civil servants. Many websites of civil servants are duplicated, the same information about the country, the state emblems and so on. As a result, we propose to apply the proved approach - a unified website of all civil servants. Thus, we will save large amounts of budgetary funds, and government agencies, in turn, will provide us the information, content to publish on the website," the Minister said at the session of the Commission for Human Rights under the President of Kazakhstan. 

According to him, Kazakhstan adopts the experience of Great Britain, Canada, and New Zealand. He noted that the citizen-friendly service of a 'single window' would allow the user to search for necessary information on the unified website. In addition, once the website has been created, the number of expenses will decrease twice annually allocated to design and maintain websites, as well as it will bring all information together placed by government agencies on their official websites. 

"What's more, being the Ministry of Information and Communications, it will be convenient to promote, say that all necessary information on the website and to display this website. To implement the project, of course, time is needed, as well as amendments to the legislation, to work on its design, structure, content, but we expect considerable results," he said. 

It is planned to bring sites of central government agencies to the unified website during 2019, and those of local executive bodies during 2020.  

According to the Minister, the Law 'On access to information' says that all central government agencies and their territorial units, as well as local executive bodies, including regional offices, district and rural offices, should have separate official websites. As of today, their number equals about 300.  

In addition, Dauren Abayev told that while monitoring these websites, the same problems are identified each year that affect the quality of openness of government agencies and international rantings. 

"Along these problems are a failure to update the information placed, or its incompleteness, present inactive references, navigational failure (any switch must be ensured prior to three switches on the website), inaccurate information, incomplete functionality for visually impaired persons, the absence of all necessary information in the Kazakh and English versions. Annually the government agencies purchase services in integrated support (hosting, content, server hardware, software), as well as to develop websites large amounts of budgetary funds are spent," said the Minister.    


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