Kazakhstan to have electronic service for establishing disability

10 July, 2018, 17:38 175
Kazakhstan to have electronic service for establishing disability

The project will be launched on the base of the electronic government.

This autumn, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan plans to launch proactive service to establish disability. It was said by Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation Government for citizens Ablaikhan Ospanov on the sidelines of the roundtable on development of the electronic government and state services, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

“As of today, once such an unpleasant case happens and the citizen is given disability, then he needs to address to a special commission, to local bodies. After this, he addresses to the Public Service Centre to get the necessary benefit related to establish disability. But, in a number of pilot projects, the system when all necessary data, references will be received automatically from departments of healthcare, from polyclinics is being set,” said Ospanov.

He noted that separate items of healthcare digitalization operate.

“And the commission without the participation of the person will establish him disability, and all necessary types of benefits, all necessary equipment that we think of will be automatically presented without one’s personal presence,” said the head of the corporation.

According to him, the service will be launched in the second half of this autumn in a number of pilot projects. Now, it is necessary that all medical institutions are ready to transfer necessary statement of all patients.

“Now the necessary technical work is held. Any change requires the introduction of amendments to normative and legal acts that will be gradually adopted,” said Abylaikhan Ospanov.