Kazakhstan to have its own Courchevel

10 October, 2017, 13:42 646
Kazakhstan to have its own Courchevel

The modern ski resort with the chair ropeway promise to complete this winter in the territory of national park within the infrastructure project on development of the tourist Bayanaul complex of the Tugan Zher program, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

Local Courchevel for sponsor's means is equipped on the mountain Myrzashoky 850 meters high, near the village of Karazhar, in two kilometers from the regional center.

As the chief of the department of physical culture and sport of the Pavlodar region Marat Aydashev has reported, from Turkey brought the equipment worth 300 million tenges to Karazhar.

Extent of the new ropeway will be 1050 meters. Passengers will be transported by 70 double cabins. Thus, all for an hour on the ropeway 550 people will be able to sweep.

Further at top of Myrzashoky it is planned to open a set of ski slopes with a total length about 20 km.

"This year two routes prepare. The total area of ski resort - about 100 hectares. Further it is supposed that here also children's toboggan tracks will be opened. The equipment for the new ropeway is acquired on sponsor's funds which within the memorandum were allocated by the Eurasian group of companies ERG," Marat Aydashev told.

At present in future resort there is an installation of support. Works are performed by the contractor of Asia Prom Engineering LLP.

The following on an object there will arrive the ratrak - the special vehicle on caterpillar to the course, used for preparation of alpine skiing slopes. The ropeway is planned to be started when in Bayanaul good snow cover is formed.

The ropeway under construction will become the second in the territory of national park. The first with the surface lift which moves passengers by means of the cable circling thanks to the mechanisms located at special stations support has been open two years ago. Elevators on the mountain Myrzashoky will be chaired. They will allow to bring guests and the staff of ski resort to the right place in the chairs cradles fixed on a rope. After opening of the new resort both ropeways will work.

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