Kazakhstan to see performance of Kyrgyz tightrope dancers

23 July, 2018, 14:08 205
Kazakhstan to see performance of Kyrgyz tightrope dancers

Viewers saw value in the performance one of participants of which is a five-years old circus actor.

Open Air Circus has already performed at the 150th anniversary of Yestai Berkimbayev and is expected to give a performance on tour to Pavlodar.

The tightrope dancers were chance-comers of the ethic aul where people’s festivities dedicated to the jubilee of the Great Kazakh akyn (bard) took place. According to the leader of group Shamshidin Khozhimatov, following the performance in Karaganda region, the circus actors arrived in Yekibastuz where they were suggested to perform at the festival. The guests saw in value in the performance one of the participants of which was a five-year-old girl, Pavlodarnews.kz informed.

"This is my granddaughter Bibisara, who has been working at a height for several years, speaking with someone from adults, for example, my six-year-old grandson Behrouzbek is already walking alone on a rope," Shamshidin Khozhimatov said.

The family of rope-dancers has been on tour for 25 years. During this time the group traveled half of Russia, performed in Ukraine, Belarus and arrived in Kazakhstan.

"We are very fond of performing in Kazakhstan, where we are always warmly welcomed and supported," the rope-dancer noted.

The last time a circus in the open air was given in Pavlodar region 20 years ago when he returned from the Altai Territory. In the near future, rope-dancers plan to please their spectators in Pavlodar.