Kazakhstan took part in tourism exhibition in Shanghai

19 November, 2018, 14:01 666
Kazakhstan took part in tourism exhibition in Shanghai

Along with events, ethnic-tourism and adventure tourism, eco-tourism forms the basis of the national package tour. 


Kazakhstan has taken part in the China International Travel Mart 2018 tourism exhibition held in Shanghai. The exhibition displaying 521 exhibits was attended by over 100 000 people from 71 states, BNews.kz reports referring to a press service of the Kazakh Tourism national company. 

Credit: press service of Kazakh Tourism national company

According to statistics, China is the leading country around the globe in terms of expenses of tourists and is a leading market of outbound tourism. The most attractive places for Chinese people are such countries as Hong-Kong, Macau, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Kazakhstan ranks the 40th in a list of directions for tourists from China. Despite the fact that China is our neighboring country, they travel to other states of the region. For instance, Chinese tourists actively visit Mongolia, and their share in outbound tourism of Mongolia is 52% on average. 

Taking into account that the main contingent of the exhibition in Shanghai is Chinese companies, it is a good opportunity for Kazakhstan to claim itself as an exciting and new tourism direction. It was proposed to promote eco-tourism with ethnic and cultural patterns of our state as the main idea of the stand of Kazakhstan. 

Kazakhstan's stand is distinguished by a photo zone: the yurt and wonderful natural habitats of Kazakhstan, including the Singing Barkhan, the Kaindy Lakes, Alatau mountains and so on. Kazakh heroes with medieval warriors' clothing on them welcomed guests. Thus, the 4e concept was implemented in full (Events, Entertainment, Eco, Ethno) in which eco-tourism forms the basis of the national package tour along with events, ethnic-tourism and adventure tourism. 

Credit: press service of Kazakh Tourism national company 

A delegation from Kazakhstan led by representatives of the Kazakh Tourism national company was represented by seven domestic tour operators, they are Abdi Travel, Explore Central Asia, Intertourasia, QTrip, Uni tour, SkyWay Travel, Triumph Travel.

"China is a leading market and supplier of tourists around the world and one of the priority target markets for Kazakhstan's tourism=. This is our second exhibition in this country this year. This year we have also held a round show in Beijing and invited Chinese bloggers with over a million subscribers to Kazakhstan. In addition, it is scheduled to hold an info tour for tour operators specializing in winter holidays and ski tourism. The interest in Kazakhstan is stable and keeps growing. Therefore, we hope we will see a result and will observe an increase in this area," said Kairat Sadvakasov, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Tourism. 

The stand included video clips about Kazakhstan, tasting the national cuisine, handouts about Kazakhstan in Mandarin, a contest on social networks under the hashtag #travel2kazakhstan and many others. 

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