Kazakhstan will export meat to Saudi Arabia

21 November, 2017, 11:34 811
Kazakhstan will export meat to Saudi Arabia

Kazakhstan intends to increase export of livestock production to the countries of the Middle East, the first vice-Minister of Agriculture of RK Kayrat Aytuganov at a meeting of the Government has reported, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

"Work on gaining access of the Kazakhstan livestock production to the market of Iran is carried out. Veterinary requirements of delivery from Kazakhstan to Iran of live sheep, the frozen and cooled mutton are agreed with the Iranian side. As a result in the current year export of live sheep and mutton has begun. Besides, export to Iran of seeds of a flax has increased twice, seeds of a rasp - by 7,5 times and export of seeds of sunflower of 11 thousand tons for the sum of 4 million 400 thousand US dollars was resumed," Kayrat Aytuganov reported.

According to him, in the current year the form of the veterinary certificate for export of meat and meat production is agreed with the UAE. As a result for the first time the frozen beef and mutton is exported to the UAE.

"In July of the current year we managed to invite experts of Saudi Arabia for inspection of a sanitary condition of production of livestock production. At the beginning of November we have received from them the positive decision on lifting of restrictions on delivery live small and cattle and also beef and mutton to Saudi Arabia. The ministry has begun negotiations with the Saudi side concerning coordination of bilateral veterinary certificates. In general it should be noted, export of production to Saudi Arabia has grown by 50 times in comparison with the same period of last year. Growth is provided with the beginning of deliveries of oil-bearing crops and also increase in supply of honey seven times," Aytuganov added.

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