Kazakhstan’s Astana Opera Theater – the dream of any dancer: Paul Emerson

27 July, 2018, 18:07 346
Kazakhstan’s Astana Opera Theater – the dream of any dancer:  Paul Emerson

Company E Executive Director Paul Emerson paid a visit to Astana in frames of an international dance festival.

The first International Festival Central Asian dance festival is held in Astana. The event is the basis for the exchange of intercultural and professional experience and is aimed at the development of neoclassical and modern choreography on the territory of Central Asia,

Company E Executive Director Paul Emerson shared his impressions about the capital theatre Astana Opera Ballet Theatre. Falling Man unique spectacle is expected to be held there.  

“Honestly, I've been to many countries, but I've never seen such buildings as Astana Opera Ballet Theatre and the National Academy of Choreography. And this Astana Opera Ballet Theater is the dream of many choreographers and dancers, but we could see such a dream only here in Kazakhstan. The premiere of this performance could only be in Astana Ballet, as it is technically the only theater that is suitable for this. For us it is simply the greatest opportunity - to use all the technical equipment and make this performance the way we intended it,” Paul Emerson said.

"Besides, it is very pleasant to work with Kazakhstan. We usually say that we learn to dance before we learn to speak. The language of communication does not always help us understand each other, like our movements. Cooperation with dancers and choreographers from Kazakhstan was one of the brightest images in my professional work. It's not so much professionalism as the passion and desire of people to develop in this direction. This idea was born in February 2013 in Karaganda, when on the street the weather was -45 degrees. My colleague and I jointly with Astana Ballet held a seminar in Karaganda for 30 participants. The seminar, in which we expected 30 participants, eventually gathered 212 participants and lasted 3 days, gathering people from all over Kazakhstan. After that seminar, people approached us and asked us to help them develop the American dance direction, namely technical details of the directions of Contemporary, hip-hop, jazz. Young coaches, choreographers, dancers came to us. The idea was that they could acquire such skills that will help them follow their ideas, but at the same time support themselves and their families at the expense of their favorite business," the choreographer added.

In turn, Deputy Cultural Attaché of the US Embassy expressed gratitude to the festival partners, Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Culture and Sports, National Academy of Choreography and all participants.

The organizers of the festival Central Asian dance festival are the US Embassy in Astana and the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography. It will take place in two stages: the training of dancers and the production of a unique play Falling Man. It is worth noting that the master classes are conducted by a team of hierograms of the world-level Paul Emerson.

The main goal of the project is to strengthen friendly relations between neighboring and far states with the help of master classes from leading choreographers of the world. Also, to prove that Astana is the capital of neoclassical and contemporary art in Central Asia.

According to the organizers, talented choreographers and dancers from Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan gathered for such a festival, which is held for the first time in Astana.