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Kazakhstan’s Disneyland to appear

03 March, 2018, 14:34 377
Kazakhstan’s Disneyland to appear

The park that will be located in 20 kilometers from Almaty will be called “Happyland”.

The construction of an entertainment park in Almaty region will start in two years, Deputy of the Board of the National company Kazakh Tourism Timur Duisengaliyev said, Sputnik.kz reports.

During the briefing for the Diplomatic Corps Duisengaliyev told that the entertainment park is one of the main projects to develop tourism.

“In Kazakhstan, there is no the same facility. We think that it’s time to create facilities, but with other specifics. We want to use the idea on the use of traditional personages of the Kazakh mythology and stories,” Timur Duisengaliyev said.

The park will correspond to modern trends. It will include all well-known personages, as well as many other entertainments: SPA, golf, thematic pavilions and others.

“Happyland” will resemble to “Disnayland”, that focuses on family holidays, on children. According to the project, it is located in 40 kilometers from Almaty along the way to Kapchagay.  There is an initiator of the project, he is owner of Happylon,” the speaker said.

The Kazakhstani side has already started to hold talks with investors. Almaty region provided a land with an area of about 190 hectares.

“If the project is implemented, Kazakhstan will have a new point of tourist attraction, that will be of a great interest not only among Kazakhstani tourists, but also, in my opinion, among foreign tourists. If everything is implemented as planned, then the implementation of the project will start may start in the nest year, or in the next two years,” Duisengaliyev said.