Kazakhstan’s experience in nuclear disarmament can be an example for the DPRK

17 April, 2018, 14:00 463
Kazakhstan’s experience in nuclear disarmament can be an example for the DPRK

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea arrived in Astana on an official visit.

During the official visit to Astana of Foreign Minister of the Republic of Koren Kang Kyung-wha, talks were held with head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov on the issues of close, international cooperation between the two countries. During the press conference, Minister Kang Kyung-wha expressed the opinion that Kazakhstan is a peaceful state, which should be set as an example, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

The heads of the Ministries also discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation, each of them noted the positive dynamics in the sphere of trade turnover and strategic partnership.

"We discussed the implementation of bilateral agreements reached following the visit of President Nazarbayev to Seoul in November 2016, which opened new pages of our partnership. We have no political differences and our positions are similar on many topical international issues. Interaction within international organization and multilateral forums is held constructively. I can say with confidence that our meeting today not only actualized our joint political trip, but also gave a definite impetus to the development of further strategic partnership between Astana and Seoul. On the bilateral track, we discussed the issues of trade and economic cooperation and noted the restoration of trade turnover in 2017. A positive trend was noted in the bilateral investment and economic direction, in particular in the transport and logistics sector, including the project on constructing Big Almaty Ring Road (BAKAD)," said Kairat Abdrakhmanov.

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Korea noted the importance of strengthening cooperation of the two states in the sphere of healthcare, transport and logistics.

"Kazakhstan was one of the first Central Asian countries with which South Korea established diplomatic relations in 1992. Since then, the trade turnover between the two countries has increased 150 times, we have become strategic partners since 2009 and President Nazarbayev visited our country in November 2016. This was another milestone in the development of close cooperation between our two countries. We know that much was done after his visit, many agreements were concluded, we agreed that the existing areas of cooperation in the sphere of natural resources should be further strengthened. We also agreed that cooperation should be diversified into other areas, such as ICT and health and medical services, as well as the transport and logistics sector. We welcome the President's focus on the goals and objectives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we are pleased to work with Kazakhstan as a partner working on the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the prosperity of the peoples of the two countries," said Kang Kyung-wha.

At the meeting, the Ministers discussed the issues of cooperation at the multilateral level in the international arena jointly with the UN and the support by the two states in various elections.

"It is noteworthy that Kazakhstan was our constant, reliable supporter of South Korea with regard to North Korean issues and at the bilateral level, and also as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. We appreciate the unique voice of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a country that voluntarily abandoned its nuclear arsenal and has chosen the road of peace and we see the way the country has changed since then and the history of Kazakhstan needs to be told many times, especially in the framework of our situation with North Korea. We try to persuade North Korea to choose the same path that once Kazakhstan has chosen," said the South Korean Foreign Minister.

As part of the meeting of the Ministers, holding of the next Inter-Korean Summit was announced, that will be held in the next week, as well as historical meeting between the USA and North Korea on May-June of the present year.

"In the field of multilateral cooperation, Kazakhstan welcomes the restoration of the inter-Korean dialogue and the arrangement of the Summit between the Republic of Korea and the DPRK. Astana expects great results from the upcoming Inter-Korean Summit and hopes that this meeting will be a breakthrough in the issue of improving relations between the two states and easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. For Kazakhstan, the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is a matter of principle, taking into account our historical role in the issue of non-proliferation. Today's talks once again confirmed the existence of common goals and mutual interest in deepening cooperation between our countries in various areas of interaction. And our country - Kazakhstan, and the leadership of the country intend to continue the course on development of relations, friendship and partnership with the Republic of Korea, and also make efforts for joint, harmonious development for the benefit of the peoples of both our countries," said Kairat Abrakhmanov.

According to Kang Kyung-wha, the Republic of Korea has a historic opportunity to convince the DPRK to abandon the nuclear arsenal following the example of Kazakhstan at the upcoming Inter-Korean Summit. He also noted that South Korea hopes for Kazakhstan’s further support in this issue.

"We will continue to hope for the support of Kazakhstan as a Security Council member. Kazakhstan is a country with a unique and successful history of denuclearization. Thank Kazakhstan for its support in solving the problem of security, this problem is important not only for our region, but for the whole world. We have common goals, we are partners that are looking in one direction and we solve many political issues on the international agenda together. We want to continue a positive and lasting dialogue based on friendship and joint partnership," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Korea.


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