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Kazakhstan’s 'happiness index' makes up 74%

14 February, 13:14 1314
Kazakhstan’s 'happiness index' makes up 74%

Kazakhstan citizens placed seventh in the happiness rating.

In November-December of 2017, Gallup organized the annual interview “The end of the year”, where it interviewed people from different countries, RIA Novosti reports.

Nearly 54 thousand people in 55 countries of the world were interviewed. In particular, citizens were asked about personal happiness.

"Answering the question "Do you feel yourself a happy or unhappy person in connection with the events in your personal life?" More than half of the respondents (59%) all over the world answered that they feel happy. Every tenth interviewed (11%) called themselves unhappy," says the study.

More than a quarter of respondents (28%) said that they had not felt themselves happy or unhappy. As a result, the global happiness index, which is calculated as the difference between positive and negative responses, was 48% of the points.

To compare with 2016, the estimates of the past year turned out to be less positive.

"At that time, more than two thirds (68%) of earthlings call themselves happy, and 9% of people thought themselves as unhappy. That is the happiness index in 2016 was equal to 59% of the points," says the message.

As a result of the survey, a list of the happiest and unhappiest countries in the world was also compiled.

Fiji has the highest rating in the rating of the happiest states with a happiness index of 92 percentage points, followed by Colombia (87 percentage points), in third place - the Philippines (84 percentage points).

"Asian countries (Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, India) and Latin American countries (Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru) are also traditionally present here. Unexpectedly, among the happiest countries in the world, Kazakhstan ranked seventh with an index of happiness of 74 percentage points and the Netherlands on the 11th place with an index of 64 percentage points, says Gallup.

Among the countries whose citizens feel the worst, the first places were occupied by Iran (the index of happiness here is 5 percentage points) and Iraq (7 percentage points). The study indicates that Iran has worsened its position compared to 2016.

Ukraine joined the top three of outsiders in the matter of happiness (8 percentage points). Greece and Hong Kong, too, have been showing the low level of happiness of their citizens in the first year, while the situation in Hong Kong continues to deteriorate.

The Vice President of Gallup International noted that the analysis of the world happiness index indicates the absence of its direct dependence on income and overall welfare - this is more than a sense of development and justice.

"Therefore, one can see that the happiest people live as well as in poor countries, where gross domestic income per capita does not exceed ten thousand dollars, and vice versa, among the outsiders of the rating, countries experiencing real upheaval. There are quite financially prosperous, where the population experiences a persistent social depression," added Milekhin.

The happiness index in Russia by the results of 2017 comprised 50 percentage points exceeding the world level after many years.

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