Kazakhstan’s living wage exceeds 29 thous. tenge

07 September, 2018, 12:33 538
Kazakhstan’s living wage exceeds 29 thous. tenge

The living wage in Kazakhstan has set a five-year record for the rate of monthly growth. The annual growth was 13.6%.

In August, the minimum living wage in Kazakhstan reached 29,15 thousand tenge, which is 13,6% more than a year ago. Over the past five years, this is the highest rate of annual growth in the corresponding periods, the study of Finprom.kz says.

For comparison, the annual inflation rate for August was only 6%.

As of the regional context the average size of the minimum living wage is in the range of 25.5 thousand tenge in Zhambyl and Turkestan regions to 36.3 thousand tenge in Mangystau oblast.

Among the leaders were Astana (34 thousand tenge), Almaty (32.6 thousand tenge), East Kazakhstan region (30.6 thousand tenge) and Atyrau region (29.3 thousand tenge).

In terms of gender and age, differences in the size of the subsistence minimum are very noticeable.  Thus, on average, the subsistence minimum for men and teenage boys from 11 years is 32.8 thousand tenge, and for women and teenage girls - only 26.4 thousand tenge.

In general, men of any age have a living wage higher than women. The maximum value among men is 36.2 thousand tenge (at the age of 14-17 years), women - 27 thousand tenge (in the age groups 18-29 and 30-58 years).