Kazakhstan’s sport outfit for 2018 Asian Games

24 July, 2018, 11:59 508
Kazakhstan’s sport outfit for 2018 Asian Games

The national team of Kazakhstan will go to the Asian Games in a new outfit of Kazakhstani production.

The press service of the National Olympic committee of Kazakhstan demonstrated a new outfit for a national team of the country at the Asian Games, Bnews.kz correspondent reported.

The new theme while designing the outfit was a hunting of the nomads.  The key element is the eagle made in techno-style. The tradition of hunting with a hawk goes back to Kazakhstan’s history. Hawk symbolizes freedom, the pursuit of ambition. The sports outfit one more feature is KZ letters.

Sports equipment consists of training and parade suits, polo, shorts, T-shirts and other necessary elements- 16 items generally. The design and manufacture of the outfit were handled by Kazakhstan producers. The whole outfit is made taking into account the climatic characteristics of the host country of the summer Asian Games - Indonesia.

Most of the things in the outfit are made of knitted fabric, allowing the product to be comfortable for both training and everyday life.

The main colors were dark blue and white, the main solution - clean lines and minimalism. Athletes who have already tried on a new outfit were satisfied with both the functionality and its appearance.

The outfit was approved by collegial decision of Kazakhstan’s NOC special commission including representatives of Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan and prominent sportsmen.

Swimmer Dmitry Balandin, synchro swimmer Kristina Tynybayeva, and boxer Abilkhan Amankul were the first who tried on the new outfit.

Abilhan Amankul noted that the new outfit is very convenient and does not hamper the movement. According to the boxer, the national team of Kazakhstan should be noticeable on the continental Games due to the new equipment.

"I really liked the new outfit - it looks modern and sits well, I think that other athletes will appreciate its functionality," Amankul said.

"Once again, I was one of the first to try on the new outfit of the national team of Kazakhstan, I want to note, first of all, the appearance of the costumes. It looks fresh. The new design is noticeable. The outfit for training and dress suits perfectly fit, I really liked the sports suit - it's very good, it's nice and it's good to train.  Such suits can be worn not only for training but also in everyday life,"  Olympic champion Dmitry Balandin shared his emotions.

A member of the synchronized swimming team of Kazakhstan, Christina Tynybayeva, also noted the external component of the costumes. According to the synchronizer, white and dark blue colors, as well as the laconism of the whole image, impress her very much.

It should be noted the Asian Games will be held from August 18 to September 2 in Indonesia. The opening ceremony is scheduled for August 18. Participation in the main continental starts will be accepted by 410 Kazakhstan athletes in 25 Olympic sports (37 sports disciplines).

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