KAZENERGY is set to level gasoline excise duties of Kazakhstan and Russia

26 July, 2018, 14:52 262
KAZENERGY is set to level gasoline excise duties of Kazakhstan and Russia

A lack of level playing field for domestic petroleum manufacturers compared with import ones is observed in Kazakhstan, Asset Magauov underlined.

KAZENERGY Association is eager to even petroleum excise duties from Kazakhstan to Russia, General director of the Association of legal entities Kazakhstan Association of oil and gas and energy sector organizations KAZENERGYAsset Magauov announced, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

The Association intends to level conditions of national and import manufacturers. Russian gasoline excise duty costs 4500 tenge per ton. As of Kazakhstan’s plants, the cost is 10500 tenge for one tons,” Asset Magauov explained the point of view speaking at a briefing for representatives of the diplomatic corps at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

In addition, KAZENERDY General Director informed the excise duty on diesel fuel for imported supplies is 540 tenge per ton, and for the Kazakhstan oil product - 9,300 tenge. According to him, the abolition of these conditions will lead to the fact that the purchase price of oil may increase.

During the meeting, Asset Magauov also briefed foreign diplomats on reforms in the oil industry.

Thus, Asset Magauov informed KAZENERGY actively participated in a law project works.  A great job was made in reforming of subsoils’ code.  Particularly many positive changes were introduced to the legislation in terms of simplifying contract procedures, facilitating the harmonization of project documents, agreeing on subsoil use contracts, and easing the financial costs of investors during the exploration period.