KAZENERGY told the reason of price increase for diesel fuel

09 August, 2018, 16:27 261
KAZENERGY told the reason of price increase for diesel fuel

The increase in the price for fuel took place becasue of the expenses of the plant to produce petrol, oil and lubricants.  


CEO of the KAZENERGY Association Rustem Kabzhanov told why diesel fuel increased in price in Kazakhstan, INA Kazinform reports.  

"The present price for a litre of diesel fuel is from 185 to 187 tenges. At the plant, the price is 150 tenges. And, we add transportation costs to this price - about 5 tenges, storage costs in the tank farms - 4 tenges per litre and about margin is about 2 tenges per litre. As a result, the price for agricultural workers per litre, which is the average price. The difference is about 26030 tenges depending on the region," said Rustem Kabzhanov at the briefing. 

According to Kabzhanov, the increase in price for diesel fuel occured because of the increase in the processing rate (expenses of the plant for production of petrol, oil and lubricants). After the modernization of the refinery, the processing rate has increased by 15%. In addition, according to the expert, the increase was caused by excise duty that has been introduced.  

"I can say the reason of the increase in the spring, it was caused by the interim excise duty. That is, the increase of about 10 thousand tenges per ton occured, everything goes up in price," said Rustem Kabzhanov. 

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