Khorgos - Eastern SEZ: investment and workplaces

09 November, 2018, 16:35 2517
Khorgos - Eastern SEZ: investment and workplaces

This year over 600 permanent workplaces will be created. 


As of today, the construction of engineering infrastructure of the Khorgos - Eastern Gate special economic zone has been completed, with a cost of 77.3 billion tenge, according to the data presented by a press service of the Ministry for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan. Read the report by to learn about the Khorgos - Eastern Gate special economic zone in figures.  

The Khorgos - Eastern Gaeconomicomc zone is a strategic facility to establish a logistics hub linking China, Central Asia, and the Middle East. 

Having been situated on the Kazakh-Chinese border, in Kazakhstan, the zone is key in the "New Silk Road" programme, with a total area of 4 591 hectares. It includes logistics and industrial zones, as well as the Dry Port transport and logistics complex. 

The Khorgos - Eastern Gate was built in accordance with the Decree of the Kazakh President as of November 29, 2011, No.187 and is key in terms of logistics. 

The total cost of the construction of infrastructure facilities is over 70 billion tenge, including 37.0 billion tenge (48%) from the National Fund allocated in 2014-2015, and Kazakhstan Temit Zholy national company's funds - 40.3 billion tenge (52%).

Of note, in November 2016, infrastructure facilities within the special zone were brought into use, with the construction cost equalling 36.8 billion tenges. Over the given period, the total amount of attracted and spent funds was 37 billion tenge. 

As of today, the SEZ's portfolio of attracted investment implies additional 13 projects until 2023 with a total cost of 485 billion tenge. 

The data of the Ministry, this year 58 billion tenge of investment will be spent, and 5 projects will be completed, among them Zarya LLP, Feniks Field Mills LLP, Verno Group, East Gate Partners, Hubei Kelison - 1st stage. 

In 2019, 100 billion tenge will be spent on 8 projects, and more than 300 billion tenge on the same projects for 2020-2023. 

Thus, the total amount of attracted investment in the special economic zone is 521 billion tenge. 

As they underlined in the Ministry, more than 600 additional permanent workplaces will be created this year. 3 714 permanent workplaces by 2023, and 10 thousand by 2030. In 2035, within the Khorgos International Cross-Border Cooperation Centre, the population will near 100 thousand people in the city of Nurkent.  

It is noteworthy that as part of the automatization of the Khorgos economic zone, the Nomad information system has been developed which is a single window for participants and clients of the zone. In January 2018, the system was presented to Deputy Prime Minister Askar Zhumagaliyev and was welcomed. 

So the system ensures the automatization of business processes, the time of inspection procedures was reduced to 30 minutes from 24 hours. 

Within the signed agreement with Dubai Trade, it is planned to integrate the Nomad system with Port Community System that connects international participants of a logistics chain and is available in 77 terminals in 6 continents. 

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